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The Nutcracker

After a fairy-tale byE.T.A. Hoffmann

Notenkraker verhaal

On Christmas Eve, Clara receives a beautiful wooden doll from her uncle, it’s a nutcracker. Her brother Frits is jealous and destroys the doll. Clara puts a patch around the doll and places him in her doll bed.

Clara sits sadly next to the doll bed. Then something magical happens: The Nutcracker moves, and he talks. He tells Clara that he is actually an enchanted prince. The mouse king enchanted him. At that moment, the mouse king enters Clara’s bedroom together with his mouse army.

Notenkraker verhaal

Clara and the Nutcracker escape out of the window. Subsequently they travel through different countries and experience the most amazing adventures. Every country has different music and dance. But they have to stay careful and keep traveling, because the mice are still chasing them. 

Notenkraker verhaal

After a lot of traveling, they return home. There, a fight starts between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King. Frits comes to the rescue with his toy soldiers. He defeats the Mouse King, the Nutcracker changes into a prince. He asks Clara to marry him. 

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